New definition to Weed Clothing

Mar 18, 2014 (0) Comments
by Luther Sullivan

This story gives new definition to the term Weed Clothing.  I mean how stupid can you be?  


Teen Burns Mom's Clothes Because She Wouldn't Give Him Weed Money, Police Say

When a Texas mom refused to give her son money for marijuana, it seems that the boy decided to burn one anyway.

Police say that John Carter allegedly set his mother's clothing ablaze around 11 a.m. Saturday because she wouldn't help him purchase pot, The Smoking Gun reports.

"Our investigation found that 18-year-old John Carter was angry at his mother because she would not give him money so he could buy marijuana, so he started setting her clothes on fire," said Lt. Dean Hensley with the Harris County Fire Marshal Office, according to KTRK.

Firefighters were called to the scene after the fire spread through the apartment, according to KENS5. The fire caused minor damage to the home.

Carter was arrested and charged with arson. He was jailed on $30,000 bond.

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