Dabs, Wax, Shatter does it really matter?

Seems as though the green rush is on with more than half of all 50 states and DC with some form of medical or reduced legal penalty for possession.  And in legal states the concept of distilling down and refining the plant to its purest forms CBD and THC seem to be all the rage.  In a way it really makes sense the green leafy material is simply combustible material which in the end, well ends up in your lungs, not great overall.  So whether its wax, shatter, oil or some other byproduct does it really matter?  In the end it takes us and removes us from the plant in its purest form.  The growers are obviously still behind the scenes creating the raw material.  But it doesn't stop there, syrups, drinks, edibles, trans-dermal patches all viable options for administration.  So as the legal cannabis landscape changes shouldn't the marijuana clothing that embodies this change be reflecting in nature.  We would like to think so.   We will continue to push out creative yet discreet designs which embody the ever changing cannabis landscape as we keep our hand on the pulse of the business at large.   These are exciting times and product innovation is inevitable, however some times its nice to just roll one up and pass it around like the good old days.

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