What's In Your Weed? Why Its Not All The Same

Chemical Weed vs. Organic - Is It All The Same

This is not an article about strains, hybrids, sativa's or Indica's or the chemical compounds found within but rather about the care ad method with which your buds were produced.  If you didn't grow it yourself how much do you really know?  Probably zero.  Now ask your budtender at the local dispensary or dealer and you'll likely get the same answer.  Knowing how it is grown, method, whether organic or chemical fertilizers and growth regulators were used is extremely important information to know.

Did the plants get a thorough flush right up to harvest?  Shockingly and not surprisingly many growers are taking short cuts to turn more product over faster and greatly comprising quality as a result.  Is your bud harsh to smoke or smooth?  Does it burn down to a white ash or stay black and dark?  If its not smooth and full of flavor and it doesn't burn down to a white ash it was not flushed properly and likely was not cured properly either.  That burn that lingers in your throat and feels like strep, yep, you guessed it.  Not good.  

It should never just be about getting high or stoned.  Its about your health and longevity too.  Chemical vs. Organic - organic natural fertilizers are superior to chemical in pretty much every way.  They support in a gentle way the natural pathways of growth and vigor- never forcing the plant to take up too much of what it might not need.  Chemical fertilizers on the other hand although they can produce exceptional results contain harsh health hazardous chemicals like ammonia from Ammonium Nitrate as an example.  Ammonia kills living aquatic life like fish, not good at all.  So cop a dope weed shirt that says no to chemical weed.

Methods of growing the green are important too.  Was it straight hydroponics?  Like Deep Water Culture (DWC), or aeroponics or flood and drain, these methods typically cannot support the utilization of organic inputs.  So you can safely assume it was chemically grown.  Perhaps it was grown in a container with soil or peat moss or coco coir or a mix of all three.  It could have been grown with either, still a safer bet it was grown organically or had the potential to be. 

As more and more product floods the market don't you want to know what is happening behind the scenes.  Perhaps you are in a situation where you can't be choosy and you don't have a choice, so be it.  But it still behooves you to ask the right questions and get people thinking about the answers.  Not to mention it makes you look super smart- which you are of course and now obviously more informed.  

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