Pot Shirts Culture

What's up with the Pot Shirts Culture- good question, right? Well for one it tells people which camp you are in from a legal perspective. And secondly its fly to rock some cool expressive threads that most people wouldn't even think to wear. The counter culture is on the rise and why not be expressive through your clothing whether it be a weed leaf or something a little more fire like the International Wax Dabber design at Captain Chronica. Its simply no longer shameful to let people know that you are down for the cause and if you can do it in a subtle way that makes people think wow, that's pretty intelligent. Then all the better right? No one wants to walk around looking like the stigma of the dumb stoner dude, so don't! Rock expressive, creative, eye catching designs which will set you apart from the crowd and get people asking questions.

People love their weed lets face it.  Not everyone is as open about it, but as it becomes more and more mainstream the tides will change; and they are a changin’.  And why not spread your love for Satan’s oregano (thanks Stephen Colbert) with some dope pot shirts.  Whether you want to rep a pot shirt or the need to legalize, there are options to get the word out.  Countless celebrities like Rihanna, Redman, Joe Rogen and Brad Pitt have been seen rocking pot shirts.  And the list of celebrities goes on with people like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Randy Jackson, Kristen Stewart, Charlie Hunnam, and Vanessa Hodgens just to name a few.  Basically its cool to rock clothes with weed on it because weed is the new ________. Well you can figure that out.

 Captain Chronica specializes in designs which evoke Higher Thinking or in other words higher states of consciousness.  Because frankly our most sacred herb should be used to transcend the busy cacophony, which is our mind, and help us see things as they really are- not as we think or feel they should be.  This can be difficult for many to accept, but acceptance is the first step anyway.  And so it goes as Captain Chronica continues to be at the forefront of marijuana clothing design in pushing out ideas for the peeps that really tells you what’s up in the weed world.


When you rock pot shirts you raise awareness for the benefits of your favorite plant and why not do it in the height of style with designs that inspire thought and creativity from Captain Chronica. We're dedicated to bringing you a fresh new perspective on your freshest herb. Be on the look out for our latest additions as we prepare to release our very first proper collection, The Heavy Harvest Collection and The Heavier Harvest Collection. We're branching out from just t-shirts into tank tops, track jackets, hoodies, and cool 3/4 raglan shirts, cut n sew and embroidery designs as well as custom applique for hoodies and also for hats.

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