What does wearing weed shirts mean to you?

In modern America, marijuana consumption for medicinal purposes is starting to gain more and more social acceptance as medical marijuana is being legalized more commonly across the country.  However, with the exception of a couple of truly progressive states, recreational use of the wonder-plant is still an illegal social stigma, commonly seen as an unacceptable part of the counterculture lifestyle.  


This raises a valid question: As an active part of this enlightened counterculture, what does wearing weed shirts mean to you?  Are you ashamed of who you are and what you do, or do you take pride in your smoking choices?  Will you hide away in the shadows from your social oppressors or will you stand and be counted as one of our ranks?  When you get dressed tomorrow will you choose to represent yourself with that plain, safe, same-old-shirt?  Or will you express your true strength of character by choosing one of Captain Chronica's many striking weed shirt options?


Wether you are lucky enough to be living in the weed friendly Washington or Colorado, or unfortunately residing in a deeply conservative community in which weed is fought and suppressed, your voice is important.  Be bold enough to be the first in your community to sport Captain Chronica weed shirts.  Like John Hancock volunteering his pen first to sign our virgin Declaration of Independence and blazing the trail for the rest of our founding fathers, you too can set a precedence for those meek souls in your community that may need a heroic leader to follow.  Make yourself the shining example from which others can gain strength and clarity.  Unite your scene.


This is a call to action.  This is Captain Chronica.

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