Why wear clothes with weed on it?

Good Question, right?  Well for one it tells people which camp you are in from a legal perspective.  And secondly its fly to rock some cool expressive threads that most people wouldn't even think to wear.  The counter culture is on the rise and why not be expressive through your clothing whether it be a weed leaf or something a little more fire like this weed shirt


And more and more celebrities are rocking clothes with weed on it as well.  People like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Randy Jackson, Kristen Stewart, Charlie Hunnam, and Vanessa Hodgens just to name a few.  Basically its cool to rock clothes with weed on it because weed is the new ________.  Well you can figure that out. 


When you rock clothes with weed on it you raise awareness for the benefits of your favorite plant and why not do it in the height of style with designs that inspire thought and creativity from Captain Chronica.  We're dedicated to bringing you a fresh new perspective on your freshest herb.  Be on the look out for our latest additions as we prepare to release our very first proper collection, The Heavy Harvest Collection.  We're branching out from just t-shirts into tank tops, cut n sew and embroidery designs as well as custom applique's for hoodies and also for hats.  


2014 should prove to be a landmark year in the cannabis industry why not do your part in helping to make that happen by rocking some cool expressive designs from Captain Chronica.  Peace out for now, and toke till you choke.

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