Smokin' Marijuana Clothing

How many times have you seen marijuana clothing with the same old weed leaf design or Bob Marley smokin' on a huge ass joint. Too many times to count, right? And doesn't it get a little old after a while? Yeah it does frankly- this stuff gets played out so why not push some boundaries and limits,its time to move outside the box and think like a weed boss with clothes that will inspire higher thinking like this design. The times are changing and hopefully for the better as we try to rise above the rim of the muck, and raise our awareness and consciousness our most beloved plant can do all of these things and more so why not express these views with the latest and greatest in fashion.

Marijuana clothing should make a statement one of independence and yet give off an air of consumer confidence that wreaks of inspiration- no pun intended. Whether you're into hats hoodies, tanks, raglan t-shirts or cool track jackets Captain Chronica will continue to deliver mind blowing designs which inspire, create and simply put a smile on everyones face, now who doesn't want that?

Whether you love ska music or reggae or other alternative music or various lifestyle scenes your clothing should represent your individuality and your need for self expression without being commercial or played out. You may want to maintain a level of anonymity within the scene and that is cool too, so we have created designs that are simply for those in the know. You don't need to be ridiculously blatant about your chronic inclinations and most would agree that its simply not the way to go. You do however want to wear the freshest comfiest clothing around that represents you to the fullest.

We will always continue to keep up on the latest industry trends as it evolves and matures Captain Chronica will be on the forefront of developing fresh new products that wow and amaze.  Marijuana clothes haven't been around long so the idea of brands pushing forward thinking ideas around weed culture is a new one. However be certain that Captain Chronica will be a pioneer of this push addressing issues around the culture like music, film and comics as well cultural influences from around the world. Be the first on your block to blow up and be heard with a voice that screams. Captain Chronica will continue to rep for the hardcore heads and those that just want a fresh perspective. The Heavy Harvest Collection and The Heavier Harvest Collection soon to be released will truly be our hardest hitting collections to date with mind blowing gotta have designs like our Marilyn Monroe design and our James Dean design many of these designs will be in embroidery , applique and custom hand sewn designs.

Remember to think Captain Chronica for all your Higher Thinking needs and feel free to tweet about us or like us Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest product offerings and events.

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