Curing & Storing Herbs


So you've got some pretty special herbs and you want to preserve and bring out all the best flavors from them,  well where should you start?

First off you want to dry your herbs preferably on some sort of a rack with humidity in the 50-60% range preferred- i've used microwave air filters inside rubber storage containers with a computer fan to exhaust air and create air movement to great effect.  Just one way of doing it.

It should take 5-7 days for your herbs to dry out perhaps longer.

Check the stems, if they are still soft they need more time.  If you can begin to crack or snap them they are ready.

Now you'll want to cure your herbs and we have found no better way than with mason jars they are completely neutral glass they give off nor take anything from the plant and when tightened down well they provide a hermetically sealed environment.  Place the herb pieces in the jar being careful not to overstuff the jar.  You still want the herb to breathe within the jar.  Wait a day and then take out the herb for 20-30 minutes to expose it to the air.  Make sure all the herbs are laying flat and not compacted on one another.  Once the time is up put the herb pieces back in the jar and seal.

Do this for the same time interval each day for the first three days then space out the time interval to every 2-3 days for another 10-14 days.  Then proceed for the next two weeks every 4-5 days or so repeating the above steps.

Until after a month you should have some pretty well cured herbs with an immaculate aroma!  Times vary on cure so use your best judgement

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