Rainwater collecting- How To

Are you conscious of the environment?  Do you like to save money?  Do you want to keep your garden looking beautiful? 


Then you should think about harvesting rainwater.  Yeah I know- Seems a bit crazy right?  Well it is free stuff that falls out of the sky that you keep paying for and its not atypical to reduce your overall water usage by 10-20% by implementing collectors.  And for many rainwater can be collected year round, and at the very least through out summer, again for most, know your region and plan accordingly. 


Did you know that rainwater typically has a much lower total dissolved solids than municipal water?  In other words the PPM (parts per million) is much lower typically by as much as 60-70%.  Its true- its got less stuff in it.  Its not only free its more healthful as well.   Perfect for keeping your veggies and fruiting flowers in full bloom through out the year or using it for drinking water (always filter first).


A super simple rainwater collector that we developed looks something like this:

With just a few basic tools and materials and a couple of hours of time you'll be well underway.

We built two of them and collect well over 100 gallons of water in no time!


We’d love to hear about your rainwater escapades!!


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