Rap Artists- Most Blunted

America's Most Blunted Rappers

It is a well known fact that many rap and hip hop artists are chronic-ly inclined.  Whether it helps them with their rhyme schemes or helps them unwind from a long day of touring, puffing on a blizz is a welcomed occasion.  So who are rap's most blunted?  We thought long and hard and here's the top nine hip hop artists with an anecdote as to why.  


1. Snoop Dogg / Lion- Love him or hate him this rap artist is straight blazin with the best and as far as I know he is always high.

2. The Pharcyde- This rap trio from the early 90's put out such hits as "Pack the Pipe" and their album interlude skits are hilarious...blazing in the studio...I think so

3. Doom/MF Doom/Vicktor Vaugh- The Doomster stays on it with lines like "roll a bag of shwag in a black and mild" or "smoke a whole mountain of hash to the ash"

4. Method Man- Arguably the most talented of all the Wu-Tang Clan members his smash hit "So High" took his chronic game to a new level and possibly a new bezel

5. Mobb Deep- This rap duo out of Queensbridge in Brooklyn brought some raw heat to the mic with their east coast gansta rap style Prodigy always looked lifted to me

6. Outkast- these guys are simply to influental in their early days to overlook and they smoked weed on the a days not so guess is Big Boi is still on it

7. Madlib- Producer and rap artist also known as Quasimoto has more weed references than a thesaurus and after seeing him live back in the late 90's had to put him in the top ten

8. Cypress Hill- These rap artists owned the mid to late 90's hip-hop weed scene with tracks like "Mr Greenthumb" and the aptly named "I wanna get High"

9. Devin The Dude- this rap artist hailing from Texas stays on it and if you've ever been to one of his shows so does the whole crowd


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