Why you should watch TV Series 'Awake'

First off I'd like to say I am not a huge fan of Netflix On Demand, they seriously need to step their on demand programming game up.  However, every now and then a crazy good TV series shows up, some are hit and miss obviously, but this particular TV series called 'Awake' which is currently available on Netflix and aired on NBC in the spring of 2012 is nothing short of stellar.

A truly riveting TV series thriller that keeps you on your toes as the star character actor Jason Isaacs, a L.A. homicide detective, passes from one dream state to another picking up clues along the way and uses those clues from one 'reality' to solve crimes in his alternate 'reality'.  At first its a bit hard to follow, sort of like the film Momento, but the formula repeats itself and remains the same with each new episode and eventually you get the hang of it as more and more character development is revealed.  And Isaacs in many scenes had an uncanny way of channeling an inner Dustin Hoffman, even sounded like him in certain scenes, but just my observation, you decide if I am crazy!  

As far as TV series go this was top notch and I highly recommend you add it to your Netflix que.  The supporting cast is also quite good as well, you can check out all the details on the series here:


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