What makes a great weed shirt?

It seems nowadays every body wants to rep for their favorite green with a great weed shirt.  But what constitutes a great weed shirt?  We at Captain Chronica believe a creative and clever design, one that provokes thought.  Have you noticed that most weed shirt designs are dumbed down and unintelligent?  A Captain Chronica designed weed shirt is all about Higher Thinking.  

Captain Chronica prints its weed shirts here in the USA with only the highest quality standards and materials.   We also provide high quality images of the actual finished product not just stock art photos like most companies.  So before you spend your hard earned money on inferior products which are often printed in China and other foreign countries with inferior mass produced printing techniques, look no further than Captain Chronica for a weed shirt that will last years not months.

One company in particular, who will remain nameless, but whose name begins with the last letter of the alphabet, produces junk- we know from experience having bought their weed shirts in the past, after 4-5 washes the print on the shirt began to disintegrate.  Bottom line, buy top quality weed shirts from Captain Chronica.

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