Is There Any Marijuana Clothing That Is Right For Me?

As state legislative bodies move to legalize or partially legalize medical marijuana there is becoming a growing consensus and acceptance for our most sacred herb. And as a result the popularity of marijuana clothing seems to be on the rise. And why shouldn't it, no longer is marijuana seen as some taboo drug it has certainly hit the mainstream, in fact ever more increasing evidence and science points to its medical benefits as well.

What is really interesting is the many different forms and delivery methods with which cannabis can be found now a days, from wax concentrates, to edibles, to vaporizing cannabis and more. This opens up the game as far as how expressive a marijuana clothing design can be and therefore typically these designs are for those in the know, and those in the know will know, and those that don't simply won't.

So what makes a great marijuana clothing design?  Personally one that invokes thought or simply gets some one to see something from a different perspective, marijuana clothing should be expressive and positive at the same time while raising up consciousness or bringing light to a social or even possibly a political message. A couple great examples of this are the NoChemtrails design by Captain Chronica and the International Wax Dabber design. The NoChemtrails design has a double message, the political variety of saying no to chemtrails and also the social aspect in the context of marijuana, ie; don't smoke chemically treated cannabis. The International wax dabber design is simply a great spin on the classic skull and cross bones in the form of two wax dabbers as the cross.

So in closing marijuana clothing should invoke thought and possibly in some cases have a certain call to action or just be plain old fun, in any case it should be made to raise up the cause and bring greater political and social awareness not to dumb down and make the wearer of the clothing look like a "dumb stoner". I mean really does anyone want that stigma anymore?  To each his own, but we are moving into a time when I believe there will be greater compassion for all mankind and our most scared herb definitely has an effect on eliciting this type of behavior. So before you pass judgement on someone with a 420 t-shirt or similar design, think about what we've discussed here.

Lbs O.T.D. is the founder of Captain Chronica and has written numerous articles on Marijuana Clothing and related fashion and cannabis subjects.

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