Weeding through Weed Clothing

How do you circumnavigate the phlethora of weed clothing that seems to be popping up everywhere?  Your choices are numerous and many are simply re-hashed adages from old like Legalize It.  Well that one is getting old- now when Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and others first echoed those words they resonated, but today not so much because we are legalizing it state by state at an ever more rapid rate.  How about the overly used pot leaf?  Okay we know its weed, now can we get to the good stuff.  What's the message you are trying to send just by a pot leaf?  Lets face it its been seen a million times it has little or no effect on the subconscious and clothing should evoke emotion and have an effect on you and your viewers.  Here is a good representation of weed clothing that speaks to the aforementioned point.  So in summary there are lots of choices out there but why follow the herd and wear something that simply is well simple.  

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